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Tips for working with Mixed media

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I've tried spray painting️ for the very first time & failed many times in the process to get the effect of lightning. (Initially,tried with a paint brush and then with a tooth brush to get the effect of lightning). I've Used Acrylic paints as the first coat and followed by the Oil paints. Oil colors need atleast 29hrs to dry all over.

I've been asked about how my paintings, sketching and doodles have been done. And the answer is I always learn something new from my mistakes like when my brushstroke went wrong or the color mismatching etc.. Attempt of making blunder mistakes and learn from them & I always believe that my best work comes when I'm in an open and receptive state of mind. This allows me the freedom to throw the paint in all my ways‍. Standing infront of the blank canvas with a row of bright colored acrylic paints around.  Having an idea about my favorite place and it's beautiful features.

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